5 liter without beads 225px


• The most convenient size for people on-the-go
• The first size purchased to try product for the first time
• Taken to work, school, or play; packs well in lunches
• The customer’s choice to consume during the
day and use the gallons when at home
• Hydrate in 16.9oz bottles has the best price over
most any branded water products on the grocery store shelf

1 liter no water beads 07

1 Liter:

• Ranks 3rd in overall sales, but has a loyal customer base
• The active customer who is working out
chooses the larger size, but it still fits in their gym bag
• The customer who works a labor intensive
job keeps the 1 Liter size handy to stay hydrated
• Convenient size for the customer who wants to
drink a specific number of ounces per day for their health


Gallon no beads 225px


• Our best seller
• The customer who drinks
Hydrate for health benefits
makes it their primary source
of water hydration
• The customer is less likely
to resort to tap water at home
or cheap purified water
• The customer realizes a
reduced cost over buying
individual small bottles

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